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Success through tradition and innovation

Haus der Technik (HDT), one of the leading independent institutes in Germany for further/vocational education and training of skilled professionals, senior executives and specialists, has established itself as a conduit for the transfer of know-how also in the field of renewable energy especially in the area of wind energy. Over 17,000 participants attend HDT events annually. Conferences and seminars on topics such as

  • drivelines, towers and foundations, and
  • dynamic pressure and design of wind turbines and grid connections
are supplemented by seminars on the foundation, commercial operation and planning of wind farms. New are the themes on rotor blades, electrical systems and foundation renovation as well as those covering the offshore field.

The classical HDT programme offer (electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental protection, management, industrial safety, and law) of over 1,500 events annually is increasingly being made use of by firms in the area of wind energy. Offers covering the areas of photovoltaic, geothermal energy and energy management as well as electron mobility round up the programme.

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Haus der Techik was established in 1927 as a registered association and since 1946 has been an external institute of the RWTH (Rhine-Westphalian Technical University) Aachen and has cooperation partnerships with the universities of Bonn, Braunschweig, Duisburg-Essen and Münster. It is financially independent. Right from the start quality has been of the highest priority. That is why HDT is also a founding member of the Wuppertaler Kreis, which stands for quality in further/vocational education and training.